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Holmfirth Town Centre Roads

More information from Kirklees

We had a really usefully meeting with Kirklees Council Officers last week who provided more information about their plans for reducing the congestion in the middle of Holmfirth and improving the environment.

More details of the proposal can be found at:


Paper copies are also available at the Holmfirth and Huddersfield Libraries.

The Council has evidently taken notice of the detailed and helpful feedback provided by the 2,500 people who care enough about our town to respond.  In particular:

  • Hollowgate is not to carry more traffic.  The pavements will be widened and a better link with Woodhead Road created.
  • The link along side the Market Hall Car Park will run up the hill.  The gradient has been checked to ensure that it will be suitable for people with disabilities.
  • There will be no loss of car park spaces even though they will be removed from Victoria Street to prevent the congestion caused by careless parking.
  • Electric charging points and cycle parking will be provided.
  • The pavement on Victoria Street will be widened and more seating provided around the town centre.  Account though will be taken of the needs of people with disabilities, pushchairs etc
  • The car park next to the Market Hall will increase in size when the Market Hall comes down to create a multi-function public space. This will be capable of being used for a wide range of purposes.
  • The market function of Holmfirth will continue with the possibility of markets being held in other parts of the town centre, depending on the nature of the market, its size, time of year etc.
  • The access to the River at the bottom on this space will be improved and discussions are taking place with River Holme Connections about this.
  • The traffic lights will be reconfigured and the pedestrian crossings moved and linked to the traffic lights to provide better flow.
  • Further work is being done to find ways of reducing the amount of HGV traffic passing through, including clearer signage and digital solutions
  • The need for a pedestrian crossing on Woodhead Road will be explored further.

Kirklees recognises that this is only the start of re-purposing Holmfirth Town Centre and is very keen to work with local people, groups and the Parish Council.

Please download and complete this survey
and submit it as soon as possible.

Thank you for caring about our town.